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How Often Should You Apply Mineral Sunscreen? How Much Is Enough To Not Get Burned? Mineral sunscreen is a great way to protect your skin and help prevent burns. However, if not applied correctly, you might find that it doesn’t work as well. That’s why learning how to use mineral sunscreen is crucial to protecting your skin and preventing premature aging and decreasing your risk of skin cancer. So, how do you use mineral sunscreen?

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What Does SPF Mean On Sunscreen and Does a Higher SPF Protect My Skin Better? Are people paying too much for sunscreen? Are the high-SPF products you see in stores better at protecting your skin or are they all the same? You know the ones with SPF 70, 80, or even 100? Here’s the bottom line: The higher the SPF doesn’t necessarily give your skin any more protection than the ones with an SPF of 50 or under.

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