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Our Story

Nature brings a lot to the table. From botanical medicines to feel-good vibes, All Good was founded by meeting nature at the table and not adding much else.

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All Good's journey began in the '90s when founder Caroline crafted her first batch of plant-based hand salve, All Good Goop, from simple, organic ingredients for her community of adventurers.


Today, as the company grows, its commitment deepens—pledging to live in harmony with nature and to be diligent stewards of the environment.


Through sustainable practices in our products and packaging, All Good strives to make everyone better by supporting both local communities and global ecosystems.

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All Good is a Certified B Corporation, Climate Neutral Certified, and recognized as a Women Owned Business.


Our triple bottom line philosophy focuses on environmental, social, and economic vitality. Based in Morro Bay, California, near our organic herb farm, we support environmental education and restoration projects through our partnership with 1% For the Planet.

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At our core, we stand by our values. We proudly nurture an organic farm, utilizing regenerative farming techniques to deliver top-notch products. Ethical sourcing is non-negotiable for us. It's who we are.

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Our Journey


Caroline and Ryan start their journey together, moving to Marin, CA, where Caroline crafts the first batch of All Good Goop.


Move to San Luis Obispo, transform a junkyard into a permaculture oasis, begin official retail sales as "Elemental Herbs," and get married.


Establish the first All Good Ambassador, become a certified B-Corporation, and achieve sales in 500 stores nationwide.


Win Green Business Award, grow the team, and begin the rebranding process from Elemental Herbs to All Good.


Introduce deodorants, win Best Family Run Business Award, expand internationally, and focus on reef-friendly sunscreen activism.


Increase environmental giving, become carbon neutral, and recognized as Best for the World by B Corp for consecutive years.


Plans for more expansion, innovative leadership, and continued focus on sustainable product development.

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