1% FOR THE PLANET, is more than it seems

All Good Body Care -  1% FOR THE PLANET, is more than it seems

Maybe you’ve seen 1% For The Planet all over the place, especially Patagonia, but maybe you were still not sure of what it means or where it originated. 1% FTP was started (unironically) by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and Craig Matthews of Blue Ribbon Flies. Both men are uncompromising environmental advocates, who felt businesses that were already purpose-driven needed a platform to do more for the environment. According to the 1% FTP website, “only 3% of philanthropic giving in the U.S. goes to environmental causes; and only three percent of this giving comes from the business community.” This group helps direct funds to efforts like preserving native grasslands and promoting reforestation, which yield immediate and lasting climate correcting effects – through increased rainfall and subsequent temperature cooling. It is worth noting and is not always clear, that 1% FTP members donate a whopping 1% of ALL TOTAL sales not just proceeds or profits, which is a considerable and generous pledge.

We hope that by elevating the profile of groups like this we can help others consider freeing themselves from worry, by being able to take personal action and help others get involved. This work helps assist the environment to harmoniously bring the earth back to balance. Super storms and droughts could be a thing of the past within one generation if we act now and decisively. A lifetime free from the devastating effects of climate catastrophe is a beautiful future worth rallying 1% behind. It’s the least we can do and a great place to start.

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