CARBON FREE – shrinking our tiny footprint to ZERO

All Good Body Care - CARBON FREE – shrinking our tiny footprint to ZERO

Oh, the common conundrum for every consumer (including us): how to balance our desires that demand convenience, with our high-minded ideas around shrinking our carbon footprint? This was one of the many thoughts that kept us up at night, until now. We are beyond thrilled to announce that we are now fully carbon neutral – with a prestigious Climate Neutral Certification to prove it. That means that every part of our business – from sourcing products, transporting materials, and ultimately getting products into the hands of customers – is completely carbon neutral (yes we can, and did do better than just carbon neutral shipping only).

Essentially, that means that we participate in programs from nature-based solutions like preserving native grasslands and massive reforestation to energy projects like solar and wind renewables. We first measure our total footprint, find ways to reduce it internally, and then purchase offsets for whatever we can’t do internally through external programs. When you buy All Good products, you help us in our efforts to reduce and re-capture CO2 from the atmosphere, which means we can all breathe easier.

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