FREE-FROM Toxicity

All Good Body Care - FREE-FROM Toxicity

Did you know the EU bans 1,328 chemicals in body care that are known or suspected of causing a whole host of conditions from cancer to birth defects, while the U.S. only bans or restricts 11? You read that right. Only a mere 11 toxic ingredients in the vast range of products sold in the U.S., from cosmetics to baby body care are banned or only “restricted”. The USDA may be very late to the game in protecting consumers, but we’re most certainly not.

All Good has always kept a keen eye on protecting the health of humans and the planet from harmful ingredients. We’ve always used premium, organic and botanically-derived ingredients from suppliers with the highest integrity in everything we make. We have a long list of things that will never be sneaked or slipped into our formulations, period.

Why is this so important to us? Simply put, we want a world free from contaminants, both in our bodies and in our environment. But most importantly, we personally use everything in our entire line, as do our friends, our family – and those most vulnerable – our children and our babies. We make it as good as it can be for US and YOU. That’s why you can trust that everything we make is All Good.

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