All Good Body Care - J.E.D.I. COLLABORATIVE

Not unlike the fictional Star Wars characters, The J.E.D.I Collaborative are the “good guys” of the natural products industry. The letters in their name stand for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. They work to promote leadership and workforces that better reflect the US population through fair business practices and to ensure inclusion of people with marginalized identities (including broad representation of all ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientation and gender diversity).

Members of J.E.D.I. work tirelessly to make our industry accountable and to establish a just culture where those who have been marginalized are centered in the industry. By joining with J.E.D.I. in advocating for and encouraging more diversity for companies in the natural products industry. We hope to influence our partners and their customers to embrace these simple values, eventually becoming a model for every industry. If all companies could adopt these high-minded ideals, we would have workforces that are free to offer the very best from ALL people and see how far we can really go.

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