Start with the Best. INGREDIENTS are everything

All Good Body Care - Start with the Best. INGREDIENTS are everything

Not everything that’s “natural” is good for our skin or the planet. That’s why we take great care and consideration when choosing ingredients and sources for our product formulations. All Good products contain organic, botanically-derived ingredients that are known to be beneficial for our skin and are sourced sustainably, in our continuing efforts towards doing no harm. One of our favorite ingredients that’s found in most of our products is calendula, known for it’s healing, antibiotic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. We love it so much, we grow it ourselves on our organic farm.

Our ingredients are always purposeful and meant to work together to provide multi-function support. For example, buriti oil is known to help heal skin so we put that in our sunscreens, in addition to our nearly ubiquitous use of calendula in everything. We know the world is too burdened with cheap and toxic chemicals in the skin care industry which are recklessly used to extend shelf life and bottom lines.

Humanity deserves to be freed from the grip of chemical companies. Our trust should be put back into nature and the conscious farmers that nurture it. When you start with the best, whether it’s intentions, practices, or ingredients – you always get better outcomes. Our planet and children’s futures are depending on us to get it right and sometimes big ideas start with the perfect blend of simple ingredients.

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