Welcome to the All Good family, Paige Alms!

All Good Body Care - Welcome to the All Good family, Paige Alms

Team All Good is excited to announce the newest addition to our Brand Ambassador team: Paige Alms. Paige is a 2x Big Wave Champion who is — pun intended — making big waves in the surf industry as one of the few women surfing giants in a sport dominated by men.

As a self-taught, jack-of-all-trades powerhouse, she’s worked tirelessly all her life to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a professional surfer. She started surfing giants when she was 15, and became the first (and is still the only) woman to get barreled at Jaws – one of the world’s biggest surf breaks. Not to mention, she’s been nominated 4 years in a row at the XXL Awards and won the “Women’s Best Overall Performance” for the 2014-2015 season.

But when you talk to Paige, you’d hardly know she’s one of Maui’s token female big wave surfers — you feel as if you’re talking to someone you’ve known forever. She’s humble yet determined, firey but compassionate, and is always looking for a laugh. When she isn’t surfing or working, you can find her making art, playing ping-pong, organic gardening, or working on her latest project to combat plastic pollution: “The Trashy Selfie”.

All Good Body Care - Paige Surf

Our Brand Ambassadors are top athletes who not only excel in a human-powered outdoor sport, but also have a passion for products and movements that protect the planet — they are our examples of what people can do for the world. Paige couldn’t be more perfect. Paige is at the ready to spread the All Good vibe and #ReefFriendly message far and wide, and firmly believes that we can protect our skin and the planet through simple everyday decisions. Here’s what Paige has to say:

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“All Good’s dedication to making reef friendly sunscreens is important to me as a surfer and ocean advocate,” says Alms. “To put it simply, your sunscreen choice matters in both protecting your skin and the planet. I look forward to being an All Good ambassador and spreading the reef friendly message around the globe.”

Paige is a shining role model for girls and women everywhere and is a strong voice for ocean protection. She walks her talk and continues to push herself to ride the biggest waves possible because it’s what she loves to do.

Welcome to the All Good family, Paige! We are honored to have you.

– Team All Good + Caroline Duell, CEO

P.S: Follow Paige’s adventures on Instagram!

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