What’s so magical about all good goop?

All Good Body Care - What’s so magical about all good goop

What’s All Good Goop? It’s a hand-crafted, organic skin salve you can use for just about anything, and even though you might keep All Good Goop in your bathroom cabinet at home, its ingredients are probably a bit different from what you remember seeing in your childhood medicine cabinet. Okay fine, that part we don’t really know — but we do know that every ounce of this magical concoction is hand-crafted to work wonders on skin the natural way, whether your skin is perfectly healthy or in need of some lovin’.

It’s about time we let you know a little bit of what makes All Good Goop so magical.

All Good Goop’s intention to heal starts at the very beginning… and we mean the very beginning. Central to Goop’s ingredient list is calendula — a fragrant, softening, and anti-inflammatory flower that allows for Goop’s all-in-one dynamic power. Every October, the Goop journey starts on our farm with a calendula crop hand sown by Courtney — part Farmer, part Mermaid, thus: FarmerMaid — and grown with seeds that have been saved for two decades. That’s right: two decades.

The healing powers continue when the calendula flowers are harvested, solar dried, and blended with dried organic comfrey, lavender, plantain, and yarrow (all of which are chock-full of nature’s magic healing powers). These herbs are infused into organic extra virgin olive oil, mixed with vitamin E, lavender, and ~sustainably-sourced~ beeswax.

See? Magical healing at work already.

All Good Body Care - Baby Cendula

And don’t even get us started on the all-women-warehouse behind every jar of Goop (or do)… Each Thursday, at our solar-powered kitchen in Morro Bay, Goop Goddesses hand-pour this delicious concoction into the 1 – 9oz jars that make it to your doorstep.

Look, it’s happening right here:

All Good Body Care - Hand Pour

What could be more nurturing than that?

Now that Goop’s made it to your doorstep, the real magic begins. You name the skin woe and All Good Goop’s healing powers have got it covered – literally.

Chapped lips? No longer.
Ashy elbows? See ya lata’.
Cracked knuckles (we see you hittin’ the rock wall…) As good as gone.

We could keep going but we’d be here all day. Do you have a use for All Good Goop we haven’t thought of yet? Give us a shout and find out!

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