All Good Body Care - WILD & FREE FARMING

Most of us are familiar with the concept of the Garden of Eden (or some other parallel unspoiled primordial paradise). It’s funny how this “pristine verdant landscape” is the ideal, but modern agriculture and industry seems to be intent on destroying that dream at every turn. But there is finally some hope, found with a pretty scrappy but formidable movement to restore our “edens” little by little, and it’s called Wild Farming. A wonderful and harmonious approach to farming that supports the natural synergies of animals, plants and environment.

With this technique, farmers utilize various regenerative strategies like responsible and cooperative animal husbandry, intercropping with native plants and contour planting. The aim of which, according to Wild Farm Alliance, is maximizing crop yields while ensuring a “healthy, viable agriculture that helps protect and restore wild Nature”. This work is important not only in the interest of food sovereignty but for the health of our planet’s soil. Densely planted soils can increase carbon re-capture and maintain soil moisture levels, which in turn contribute to earth cooling and more rainfall for drought-ravaged areas. The earth knows exactly what to do, by listening and watching nature in its silent perfection and helping it along. With steps like these taken more and more, hopefully one day we’ll be free to meaningfully contribute to its abundance.

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