Nature brings a lot to the table. From botanical medicines to feel-good vibes, All Good was founded by meeting nature at the table and not adding much else.

Back in the olden days (the 90s), All Good’s founder, Caroline, whipped up her first batch of plant-based hand salve for her merry band of climbers, farmers, and makers. She called it, poetically, All Good Goop: a glob of pure n’ simple organic ingredients that smelled like a dream and worked like a charm. And the rest, as they say, is “herstory”.
Fast forward and All Good is now a Certified B Corporation, Climate Neutral Certified, and recognized as a Certified Women Owned Business by WBENC , with a more than triple bottom line business: We measure our success by environmental, social, and economic vitality. In the same way that our products are good for the people, it’s important that our business is good for the community, our customers, our vendors, and the land from which they are sourced. The All Good Team is headquartered in Morro Bay, California and just up the road is our organic farm where we grow herbs for the products. We also support environmental restoration and education projects through our partnership with 1% For the Planet .
As our branches extend, our roots grow stronger. From our products to our packaging to our “corporate machine,” we’re committed to living and inspire others to live in balance with nature. It’s our responsibility to be good stewards and take care of the habitats and communities that take care of us. This way, All Good Makes Everybody Better®.



“Best friends” Caroline and Ryan go on their first date – a ski trip in Crested Butte (we’ll hold for “awws”)


C + R move to Marin, CA to attend massage school; Ryan gets a job farming, Caroline guides rock climbing trips

Caroline designs an herbal garden based on medicinal needs – headache, skin, relaxation sections. She notices that certain plants grow well together and starts creating potions based on plants that thrive together


All Good Goop is invented and Caroline gives it away as presents to friends and family (raise your hand if you remember those vintage All Good Goop labels)


Caroline starts selling All Good Goop at farmers markets and out of her car to masseuses, hippies, and climbers


C + R move to San Luis Obispo, CA and buy a Hells Angels junkyard with 2 friends; they remove 40 junked cars and endless dumpsters full of scrap metal and trash; this is the start to their permaculture oasis


Still a one-woman show, Caroline moves All Good Goop production out of her house and into Morro Bay Community Kitchen (spoiler alert: where All Good still resides)


First official retailer: Al from Good Earth in Fairfax tells C to make a label and a UPC code. We’re officially in business under the name “Elemental Herbs”

We immediately become a member of 1% for the Planet.

Start selling in health food stores and specialty outdoor shops. Our delivery truck is a home-rigged biodiesel van.

Caroline and Ryan (hold again for the “awws”) get married, and continue mixing work and pleasure


The stronger our branches, the deeper our roots

Our friend Burr designs a new label. We beg/bribe him to join the team. He’s in for life.

We hire our first official employee, Audrey (she’s still with us)!


Jordan Romero (the youngest person to climb the highest peaks on each of the 7 continents) becomes our first All Good Ambassador


We become a certified B-Corporation

Sales in 500 stores nation-wide!


Winners of the Green Business Award from San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce


The team grows to 5 full time employees (and a kid)


“Wizard of Oz” Journey

We set out to re-brand from “Elemental Herbs” to something new. We do a deep dive into our essence and what name would be perfect, through the process we realize we had it all along: “it’s just all good.” We re-brand to “All Good”


Start making deodorants. Armpits everywhere rejoice


Winners of the Best Family Run Business Award from SBDC

Second baby born!

Moved from an 800 sq ft office to 8000 sq ft warehouse.

Bring on warehousing and ship out with an all woman team to customers globally


All Good goes international – to Canada and beyond!

Attendance to the Coral Reef Symposium inspires action on educating about safe sunscreen choices


Hawaii passes legislation to protect the reefs and our Reef Friendly activism ramps up

We join OSC2 of Sf bay area businesses to connect with fellow change-makers


Honored as Best for the World as a B Corp (2018 and 2019)

We added 5 full time new employees, hosted killer interns, we shut down offices to march for climate, and nearly doubled our giving to 20 environmental organizations locally and globally


We’re officially a carbon neutral company by measuring, reducing, insetting and offsetting emissions.

First business in Morro Bay, CA to be a Certified Green Business


More international and domestic expansion, innovative leadership, seeking agricultural solutions as drive for product development, continuing to make products that delight our customers’ total aesthetic, physical and philosophical


Since the early days of farmers' markets and the invention of all Good Goop, All Good has become an international brand with a long list of awards and certifications under its belt. From being awarded the PETA Certificate of Appreciation 2009 to winning 2016 Family Owned Business of the Year, All Good has been recognized dozens of times based on our close connection to the environment and community.

Being a certified Climate Neutral Company and certified B Corporation, we balance purpose with profit. Each decision we make is purposeful, focusing on the impact we have. As a B Corporation, we were awarded Best for the World 2017, 2018, and 2019. We continue to strive towards greatness — both in terms of our products and the causes we support.

We stand for:

  • Clean ingredients
  • Botanical-based ingredients
  • Ethical choices
  • Organic ingredients whenever possible

Our core values reflect who we are. We are proud to maintain an organic farm that employs regenerative farming techniques, ensuring higher quality products. It is also important to us that we maintain ethically sourced supply chains.

Best of all, our products are clean, safe, and NEVER tested on animals.

Our love and respect for the planet has led to ideas such as our FREE THINKING Initiative which states a goal of a plastic-free future, with the continuous reduction of plastic in our packaging, as well as promoting PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic) in as many of our products as possible.

Since our humble beginning, we have developed an extensive collection of products, including skincare, beauty, health, lips, deodorants, sunscreen, and more! We go that extra mile to ensure that these products are good for you and the planet. We love the fact that our sunscreen products are also reef-friendly. We think you will too! We are also excited to expand into new areas in the future, focusing on clean beauty and the expansion of our existing products.

While we have always been mindful of the planet and our consumers, we also remain closely connected with our community — especially in times of need. All Good is thrilled to be able to help other nonprofits, companies, and individuals. Most recently, our team donated $1.5 million in hand sanitizer donations to Earth Guardians, supporting tribal nations. We also partnered with PATH, supporting homeless communities throughout California.

Some of the other causes we support include but are not limited to Los Angeles and San Francisco-based food banks , the Kohala Foundation, Conservation Alliance , Outside Now, Sustainable Coastlines , NAACP SLO, and Nā Kama Kai.